Safety and Emergency Items for Real People - People with Real Budgets and Real, Busy Lives

About Us

Our Mission

To engage typical American women in emergency preparedness, by:

  • Providing kits and supplies that are fun to shop for and lovely to have around.
  • Sharing tips and information that take the intimidation out of “prepping” and make it fit into any woman’s busy lifestyle.

Our Name

“Blue Sky” refers the best conditions under which to plan and prepare; in other words, well before the *ahem* hits the fan.

“Scout” refers to someone brave and curious, plucky and resourceful, ahead of the pack. It's our vision of our customer. You.


Our Location

We run our all-online business out of our home office in Bothell, Washington, about 20 minutes northeast of Seattle on a good day. 


Our Origins

“A number of years ago I asked for an emergency kit for my birthday and for Christmas, three years running. For three years no one got it for me. When I finally convinced my husband that I really did want one as a gift (and he bought me one), he confessed it hadn't seemed very romantic to him. My mom said it wasn't a fun gift. And they were right. That's when I started forming a hazy idea of Blue Sky Scout.

"I figured I better become a prepper if I was going to eventually own an emergency supplies business. So I set out to figure out how. What I discovered was, Sheesh! I had no time for all that! Even the big agencies that try to make it simple: "Get a kit, Make a plan, Be informed," left me confused and conflicted when I tried to do just what they said. Under each of those three headings are endless choices and combinations. I didn't know where to start, and what the priorities were. So I did very little to get myself and my family prepared, other than keeping that long-wished-for, ugly, red backpack filled with who-knows-what in my bedroom closet.

"Then I discovered FEMA's Emergency Management Institute. I took several courses online, earning an Emergency Management Professional Development Certificate. My husband and I are also licensed foster parents. The foster care training has solidified my understanding of day-to-day safety and health precautions, especially for children.

"With Blue Sky Scout, we are now serving regular women who don't have the time or inclination to become doomsday preppers. We focus on safety and emergency items that are attractive, fun to shop for, lovely to have around, and make wonderful gifts. Our long-term plans include developing our own product line to serve this market niche."

- Jenny Piper, Founder