How to Build Your Bedside Disaster Bag

First thing’s first: Where is your flashlight?

The purpose of the bedside disaster bag is to help you avoid injury and cascading disasters in case of emergencies that strike when you’re in bed; for example, earthquakes and blackouts.

For most of the module posts I don’t want to give you an overwhelming, comprehensive list of items. You can find plenty of lists elsewhere online. I want to help you think through the purpose of the module and thus, help you easily prioritize the items for your own kit.

However, in this case, the bedside bag should be pretty spare, so I’ll go ahead and tell you the items I recommend:

  1. Flashlight
  2. Whistle
  3. Pair of hard-soled, slip-on shoes or slippers
  4. Pair of work gloves
  5. Crowbar

The flashlight is priority one. Even if you forego all the rest for now, just keep a working flashlight next to your bed.

In case you get trapped in your room or your house, your whistle will alert your neighbors or emergency workers that you’re in there.

Hands and feet are the most frequently injured parts of the body in emergencies; you’ll need the gloves and shoes or hard-soled slippers to protect them.

And the crowbar is particularly for those of us who live in earthquake country. An earthquake can shake the door and jam it into the frame.

Well, that’s a quick one today, folks, for a quick and easy module.

Remember – if nothing else, find your flashlight!

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